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bioshock Infinite_arlie

Happy long weekend! Well, for those in the Philippines at least, thanks to this week’s holy week. It’s a bit late to create a post like this since holy week did start last Wednesday, but yesterday is really when everybody is in relax mode for the whole week, I’m sure some of you have plans to go out with family, but I’m positive there are some, like myself, are all set to get some gaming done. What are you planning to play during this long weekend?? (more…)


It’s the weekend again! Everybody loves Fridays, some go out and have a great night out, while some like to kick back pop in a game and relax. I’m sure most of you are still trying to knock off a few titles to lessen your backlog pile. Me? I’ll keep my backlog big for now, because I again see myself revisiting a game that came out in 2011. The arrow in the knee pic above pretty much sums up what I’m playing this weekend. What are you playing? (more…)

Hitman Absolution

After an unintentional hiatus, the weekend post is back and in full force. The weekend post not being made was due to lack of time and nothing more. But enough about that because tis the season for new releases. So, what are you playing this weekend? (more…)

dat chun-li

September is here and the ‘ber’ months usually signify the start of constant new game releases. But before all the crazyness of the 4th quarter of the year, what games have you played this weekend? (more…)