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Podcast 5 cover

We are finally past the GTA craving..well, sort of. It’s now October and from now up to the end of the month, we’ll be focusing on different aspects of the Survival Horror Genre. In this episode, we discuss our first experience with the genre,as well as talk about the Silent Hill series as a whole. (more…)


I borrowed Arlie’s copy of NieR a few months ago and only really got to play it just recently. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this game but never really got down to buying it because of the mixed reviews it got early on and I wasn’t really in the mood to play any RPGs at the time but when I tried this game out, I was surprised at how good the initial impression I got just from how it controls and how the combat feels. (more…)


Final Fantasy Versus 13 converted to Final Fantasy XV seemed likely when Square announced last Feb that they have something to show at E3. The game, just like any Final Fantasy game that came before it, always look amazing, but what about the gameplay? Here’s another trailer released that gives us a good look at what looks like an action-oriented Final Fantasy. (more…)


If you’ve been following Final Fantasy Versus XIII, you’d know of it’s shaky development cycle. With Tetsuya Nomura halting development on this to work on other games like Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Final Fantasy XIII-2, months and months pass where we get no update about Final Fantasy Versus XIII leading many to believe that the game was just outright cancelled. (more…)