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tmg podcast ep20

What a busy week we had! Doom is coming back, The Order 1886 is looking amazing, SEGA’s Shenmue trademark up for grabs, and a big change Irrational Games that no one saw it coming. Plus, 50,000 people are trying to finish Pokemon Red via Twitch? Carlos has broken free from the Hearthstone spell and gives his impressions on the Strider reboot. Miggy pushes on with his Binary Domain, While Will tries The Banner Saga. (more…)


In this episode of The TMG Podcast, we have the first half of the episode almost devoted to Grand Theft Auto V. After Carlos, Will and Migoy released GTA V out of their system, they talked about the changes of big video game companies, Blizzard’s decision to finally bring down the auction house, Warhammer Online going under, and a lot more.  (more…)

sonicathleticsThere’s a new Sonic the Hedgehog game in Japan. It’s not your typical run and jump platformer though. This time it’s a series treadmills linked to each other to form Sonic Athletics. (more…)

anarchy reigns online

Anarchy Reigns finally came out so that means that I’ll be able to find some matches online. Thought finding matches isn’t exactly the cake walk I was hoping for, I was able to get in a few team matches and was able to try out one 16-man free for all battle royale. (more…)