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[UPDATE] – A new video was released which focuses on the classic games of PlayStation.

Ever since Sony informed the world that they have a big announcement planned on February 20, they have been releasing YouTube videos looking back at the history of PlayStation,  making it more clear that this big meeting happening this week could potentially be the next PlayStation console reveal. Each video gives us a quick history lesson of how PlayStation has evolved through the years, talking about each hardware released so far. (more…)

rasengan breasts

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact, the current Naruto game by CyberConnect2 on the PSP. Naruto games by CyberConnect2 are action packed, over the top, fighting games with controls that are simplistic but with enough depth to keep both casual players and those willing to take it a step further around. That isn’t quite the case here. (more…)

Suikoden PSP

Hey, look at that. I might just recharge my PSP again, Konami just revealed the next Suikoden heading to the PSP. The new Suikoden is called “Genso Suikoden”. A new trailer was revealed announcing the game but sadly no gameplay footage was seen. (more…)

Publisher: Atari / Bandai
Developer: Dimps
Platform: Sony PlayStation Portable
Release: 03/07/2006

When Sony first announced the original PSP, I promised myself that I would own one. But as with every major purchase, you’d need a large driving factor to keep you motivated. After watching my friend play a full 3D Metal Gear Solid game without a power cable attached or a TV to view it on, I saw the beauty of the PSP. (more…)