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Nintendo Wii, check! Next up is the PlayStation 3 talk, and what a perfect time to do so since the PlayStation 4 is finally released! Before we took a trip down memory lane on the PS3, Will shared his impressions on the Call of Duty: Ghosts single player campaign, Batman: Arkham Origins, and BioShock: Infinite’s latest story DLC–Buried at Sea. Carlos went all out on XCOM: Enemy Within, while Miggy shares his first experience with Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. (more…)


[UPDATE] – A new video was released which focuses on the classic games of PlayStation.

Ever since Sony informed the world that they have a big announcement planned on February 20, they have been releasing YouTube videos looking back at the history of PlayStation,  making it more clear that this big meeting happening this week could potentially be the next PlayStation console reveal. Each video gives us a quick history lesson of how PlayStation has evolved through the years, talking about each hardware released so far. (more…)