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I’m currently playing The Witcher 2 and so far it’s an amazing RPG. If you have a beefed up PC, you won’t have a problem running The Witcher 2 on ultra high settings, but if you have a decent pc like me that can run the game but have some frame rate issues during battles i suggest you tweak the settings to improve performance. making the game look good is great but performance is very important. I  found a guide and have some ideas to help us poor folks with not so beefed PC’s to improve our frame rates. (more…)

Portal 2 is one of those rare games that every kind of gamer should experience. It’s not every day where you find yourself immensely entertained by just puzzles and funny dialogue. If you ask me, this type of hybrid puzzler is pretty much the hardest game to pull off in the framework of an FPS, but Valve took everything that made the first game great to the next level, making Portal 2 one of the most polished games you will ever play. Ready to test once again for science? (more…)

Deep Silver has finally revealed gameplay footage of Dead Island. Brand Manager Vincent Krummer gives us an in-depth look on how this FPS open world survival horror will work out and it’s looking pretty good since this can be experience with 3 other players. (more…)

A five-minute video of RAGE gameplay was released and is called ” The Shrouded Bunker Mission”. The player is tasked to go in a bunker to blow up a gang’s bomb caches stored in a bunker. I think it looks amazing and if you like the Fallout style, you might like this too. (more…)