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A five-minute video of RAGE gameplay was released and is called ” The Shrouded Bunker Mission”. The player is tasked to go in a bunker to blow up a gang’s bomb caches stored in a bunker. I think it looks amazing and if you like the Fallout style, you might like this too. (more…)

Splash Damage just released a new trailer explaining the types of classes you can be when playing Brink. This game looks amazing and the ability to move around difficult environments is cool but I’m still 50/50 of this game is worth the buy. (more…)

Dream Gaming Machine

If I would have won the lottery today one of my goals would be to create a kick-ass PC that would be able to play ALL the current games at its maximum graphic settings. (more…)

That’s right, it’s true. At first I wasn’t sure if this one was another April fools joke but thankfully it isn’t. Episode one of Back to the Future: The Game can be downloaded free of charge for the PC and Mac. All you have to do is register an account in their site.


Have a peek at Trine 2′s gameplay footage and be amazed on how beautiful the game looks. Me and my buddies had a blast with Trine’s creative co-op gameplay. It was fun testing each others trust among one another in the first and i can’t wait to do it all over again with the sequel. (more…)