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TMG Podcast episode 75 – Call of Duty has a Frogger stage

We are at it again, but now in Skype world. Carlos expresses his frustration with CS:GO, Will goes through the Kevin Spacey experience, Migs can’t seem to go through those Crimson Zombies, Miggy visits Imperium for some tourney action, and…
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TMG Podcast episode 36 – E3 2014 Special Part 4: Nintendo

And we are in the final stretch for our E3 coverage, a great year, and it finally looks like a great time to jump to the next generation of consoles. Nintendo is last to present as always and what they…
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The TMG Podcast episode 17 – The Wii U/Nintendo is Getting More Love

Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the horse has begun. First episode for February has Will, Carlos, and Miggy recording episode 17 in person to talk about a couple of things mainly Nintendo yet again. Why Nintendo? Well, because…
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