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Problems with Downloadable Content

Lets face it, Downloadable Content(DLC) are everywhere in video games nowadays. No matter what, you will be bothered with new DLC promos and free ones to “enhance” your experience in a given game.Some are great, like the added content giving 2-3 more hours into your game time, but most of them are completely useless or flat-out done poorly. DLC is fairly new, and it will get better in time, but there are just very bad practices that make DLC a waste at times. (more…)

Dissapointing final boss fights in this generation

In most video games, you are treated with a final battle, a final encounter that will conclude the journey you’ve invested hours in. A lot can be quite epic that leaves you goosebumps after your done, but a lot can make you go “That’s it?!”. That’s what this Pick 5 is all about this week. Final boss battles that were simply disappointing.

SPOILER ALERT! – Yes we’re talking about final boss fights so we might spoil it for you if you haven’t played the games mentioned. You’ve been warned, but if you don’t give a damn, by all means.. continue.  (more…)

ME 3 Extended Cut DLC

SPOILER ALERT! – Will contant spoilers to Mass Effect 3’s ending, you’ve been warned. Just a friendly reminder for all those people who raged so hard when they saw the ending of Mass Effect 3, the Extended Cut DLC that pretty much adds additional cut scenes and cinematic sequences to the ending of the game will be released on June 26 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC at no additional cost. If you still care about getting more closure in Mass Effect 3, then I suggest you prepare your save game for next week. (more…)

Mass Effect 3 fans are finally getting some love from Bioware this week. You protested and they were listening. Thanks to all the talk about the game’s ending and how most of us(including me) think the ending doesn’t give the closure we needed after 3 games, they are extending the ending with a series of cut scenes. Also, for those addicted  to the multiplayer – The Resurgence Pack was announced that will include two new maps and new unlockable characters. Again, free of charge for both. (more…)