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Hitman Absolution

After an unintentional hiatus, the weekend post is back and in full force. The weekend post not being made was due to lack of time and nothing more. But enough about that because tis the season for new releases. So, what are you playing this weekend? (more…)

dat chun-li

September is here and the ‘ber’ months usually signify the start of constant new game releases. But before all the crazyness of the 4th quarter of the year, what games have you played this weekend? (more…)

Persona 4 The Ultimate

This is the 2nd to the last weekend of August and we are almost at the “ber months” and when there are “ber months” there are a ton of new video game release. But while we still have time to clear our gaming backlogs, what have you been playing this weekend? (more…)

Persona 4

Again, sorry for the lack of a weekend post (and my lack of posting stuff in general lately) last weekend. Post or no post, things have happened and games were still played. So, what are you playing? (more…)

tiger tiger

Sorry for the lack of a weekend post last week. I got a bad case of the flu and didn’t get around to doing anything all weekend. But never fear because we are up and running again for this weekend. (more…)