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It’s Gamescom! What’s Gamescom? Just one of the biggest gaming convention in the world. Microsoft, Sony, and EA, held their own press conference at the start of the event and they had a hefty amount of surprises. So just like our E3 coverage, we’ll be discussing each reveal. Have a long commute? Don’t worry, this is longer than usual so we got you covered. But as always, our impressions – Carlos talks about shooting nazis, Will prepares himself for Tales of Xillia 2, and Miggy goes local co-op with Double Dragon: Neon. (more…)


Right after Microsoft’s press conference we have EA’s press conference, and boy was that hard to watch. We don’t expect much from EA, we don’t even recall a year that made us appreciate staying up to watch their presentation live. But this time around  we were hoping to be blown away. What’s makes this year special? Oh, just the possible reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 gameplay, Mirror’s Edge 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition demos, and a strong chance of getting a new Mass Effect game reveal. We did get those games on stage, but only as a developer diary trailer. Bottom line from this press conference – These games are confirmed, and that they are definitely working on them. You could of sent us a memo instead of making a presentation EA. (more…)


I subscribed to PlayStation Plus not too long ago and got access to a bunch of free games. But not only do you get access to free games every month, there are also games listed under Timed Trials. You essentially get one hour to try a game. If you liked the game and decide to buy it, your progress from the timed trial will carry over.  (more…)


In this episode of The TMG Podcast, we have the first half of the episode almost devoted to Grand Theft Auto V. After Carlos, Will and Migoy released GTA V out of their system, they talked about the changes of big video game companies, Blizzard’s decision to finally bring down the auction house, Warhammer Online going under, and a lot more.  (more…)