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Borderlands 2 made an appearance this E3 and revealed some new information about this FPS lootfest. In the video, Vice-President Steve Gibson of Gearbox Software talks to VG247 about the game’s story, trading, gun codes, while showing new gameplay footage of the game. It’s looking great but it looks like we are getting the same game but with new content, and new classes. Not sure if this either good or bad at this point because it seems there isn’t anything unique that could separate the difference between the first game to the sequel. Check out the video below. (more…)

E3 2012

E3 press conferences are over and the show floor is open. Who got most of the attention? Which press conference was the best? Well, lets start by saying – E3 2012 press conference’s overall was pretty bad. While there were amazing game demo’s, the overall presentation for the big three left a bad taste in my mouth. With Microsoft’s Usher performance that came out of nowhere, to Sony’s Wonderbook, to Nintendo having awkward discussions on stage, each press conference made me shake my head in disappointment. Here are the highs and lows of the big three’s press conferences. (more…)

Agni’s Philosophy

Square Enix has their eyes on the future. During E3 2012, they revealed Agni’s Philosophy, a tech demo showing how future Final Fantasy games will look like.  The graphics engine used is called Luminous Studio – Square Enix’s new engine built from the ground up. The gap between real-time graphics and cinematics get smaller and smaller through the years. With how this tech demo looks, it seems they could be eliminating the gap completely. Have a look for yourself. (more…)

Star Wars 1313
Apparently a new Star Wars game is underway and its called Star Wars 1313. This isn’t the usual game that lets you play a badass Jedi or Sith. No, not this time. For 1313, you play as a Bounty Hunter and visit the criminal underworld way below Coruscant. Game looks gorgeous and it has a mix of Uncharted elements in it. (more…)

Probably one of the best reveals that came out of Microsoft’s press conference was the Tomb Raider gameplay demo. While Crystal Dynamics already showed the game in last year’s E3, this year gives you a clear picture of actual combat. It was an amazing presentation and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. (more…)

Beyond; Two Souls

During Sony’s Press Conference, the show started with the reveal of Quantic Dreams(Heavy Rain) next big game – Beyond: Two Souls. I’m a bit confused on how this game is going to play out but the studio aims to create the same level of story telling mixed with a bit more action.  They brought in actress Ellen Page to play the main protagonist Jodie Holmes in Beyond: Two Souls. Still a bit vauge in the details about this game but Jodie seems to have some sort of connection to a sort of entity. What kind of entity? Have no idea. Check the trailer out though and maybe you can give some insight about this new PS3 exclusive. (more…)