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Just in case you missed the announcement, or choose not to acknowledge it, Diablo 3 is coming to PS4 and PS3. PC gamers are not too happy about the announcement since it doesn’t include an online connection to play, while console players not familiar with the series are excited on how its going to turn out. Well, here’s some gameplay footage showing how the console version in action. (more…)


The long-awaited PVP content, specifically the team deathmatch mode, has now been scrapped. Jay Wilson broke the news to their fans over at Diablo 3′s official blog. Not all is lost, the ability to duel players is still a go though, which is in the 1.0.7 patch planned for release sometime this month. (more…)

In Diablo 3, once you hit level 60 and kill Diablo on inferno difficulty, you are pretty much done with the game, and the endless grind to find better loot to simply kill monsters faster begins. I did the tedious grind and it eventually gets old. I also found myself on the auction house trying to sell my hard-earned loot for gold , or buy better gear for cheap. This was a method I see every time I log in Diablo 3. The Auction House crippled the replay value of this game in a way and I consider it a bad addition since the whole game revolves so much on it. Most of the time, you are simply hunting for any loot that has some value to sell. So I decided to completely remove that aspect from my playthrough that involves me having just one life. See how the game feels.  (more…)

Blizzard knows that there’s an endgame issue. Once you hit level 60 and finished the game in Inferno difficulty, the only thing left to do is get better gear to kill monsters faster.  That’s not enough incentive anymore, especially with the horrible drop rates. To fix this, Blizzard is introducing the Paragon System, a level system that kicks in when you hit level 60. Let the D2 grinding begin! (more…)