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Arlie haul 03-08-13

A lot of new games reached Philippine shores this week. Tomb Raider, the new Sim City, the new Naruto game, Castlevania: Mirrors of fate, and many more hit shelves last Tuesday giving a good variety of new games to enjoy during the weekend. so pick your poison, what are you playing this weekend? (more…)

bf3 campaign impressions

I’ve heard good things about Battlefield 3. Even though I’m not the biggest FPS fan, I can see why people like it. I also see how different of a game it is compared to the recent Call of Duty games. However, all these good things are in the multiplayer aspect. The campaign… not so much. (more…)

Battlefield 3
Apparently DICE wants to show Battlefield 3 fans that they still care. It’s been awhile since a patch has been released to keep the game balanced, now a patch is on it’s way and it’s the longest patch notes I’ve seen for a game.

The patch comes out first on the Playstation 3 on March 27(Tuesday). For the Xbox 360 and PC, DICE didin’t give a date, but they say it will be coming soon. I’m not kidding though, this patch notes is huge so Battlefield 3 players, update yourself on what’s being adjusted, you might like what you see. (more…)

Epic moment

What to see something 100% epic!? well here’s one. I saw this video from a friend a few days back and so far I’ve been revisit the video because it’s just too epic. while I’m not entirely sure why its called RendeZook, Stun_gravy, playing Battlefield 3, did the most epic stunt I’ve ever seen in this game. Plus the soundtrack added was just perfect for the stunt. (more…)

A UK show called The Gadget Show just did something truely amazing. They actually built a First Person Shooter Game Simulator. A world first they say. The goal is to create a simulator to create that sense of realism, making you feel that your literally in the game. Game of choice? Battlefield 3. (more…)