Well here’s some exciting news that got me all hyped. Remember that new game from Ubisoft The Division? It impressed a lot of people when it was revealed in this year’s E3, but PC gamers were disappointed when they announced it was only a PS4 and Xbox One title. The community hoped it would come to PC as well. Today, Ubisoft responded to that by announcing that Tom Clancy’s Division is coming to PC as well. (more…)

Yes, this is true. I have never beaten the oringinal Super Mario Bros. on the NES/Famicom. To be fair, I haven’t really tried to beat the game yet. I usually just play until the first warp pipe then when the nostalgia wears off, I shut off the game. (more…)


Weekend! ah, the taste of freshly brewed coffee on a Saturday morning. This week was pretty hectic but we are finally at the tail-end of it all. So much going on in this world of video games; Quake-con, GTA online reveal, plus Gamescom is just around the corner. But enough about that, what are you playing?  (more…)