The TMG Podcast episode 7: Simception, Halloween Edition

Happy Halloweeen! More Survival Horror talk. Since this is the end of October, we wrap up our horror discussions – F.E.A.R, Fatal Frame, Slender, Dead Space, so much was covered and we feel there’s still more to cover Will gives…
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Episode 6 cover

The TMG Podcast Episode 6: Resident Evil Shark

This week we continue our discussion on the Survival Horror genre with the focus on the Resident Evil franchise. Before we went all out on the main topic at hand, Miggy and Will share their thoughts on David Cage’s latest…
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The TMG Podcast Episode 5: Square Enix, Jago, and Survival Horror talk: Silent Hill

We are finally past the GTA craving..well, sort of. It’s now October and from now up to the end of the month, we’ll be focusing on different aspects of the Survival Horror Genre. In this episode, we discuss our first…
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