Rockstar has released a new trailer for the online mode in Grand Theft Auto V called Grand Theft Auto Online. A hub which seems to be similar to Red Dead Redemption – 16 players roaming around the city of Los Santos GTA style, and pretty much whatever the hell they want. Excited? Cool, but the online component won’t be available on release day. (more…)

GTAV giveaway

Yes, that’s not a typo on the title. In celebration of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games, we decided to give away one copy of GTA V for the PS3 to one lucky guy/gal when the game comes out on September 17. From now until the release of the game, you can input your entries for a chance to be picked as that one lucky winner. It’s easy stuff don’t worry, so get all the details below after the break! (more…)

Rockstar has just announced that a gameplay video and previews of Grand Theft Auto Online will be revealed on August 15. Don’t get fooled by the title. It’s not a separate game, it’s just Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer component, so stay tuned!

For us gamers in the Philippines, it should be released sometime in August 16, but we’ll catch it as soon as it comes available.

My god, it will soon be less than a month away from release? Grand Theft Auto will be out on September 17 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

[Source: Rockstar Games]


Nintendo released a lengthy trailer for The Wonderful 101, an exclusive title for the Wii U that let’s you control a crowd of super heroes fending off an alien invasion. The trailer introduces the characters in the game, the unite morphs, as well as revealing a good chunk of the story to get us all started when it releases this September. Check out the trailer below.  (more…)