Ico Shadow of the Colossus HD

I just got a copy of the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection and it looks absolutely amazing. I played this on PS2 back in like mid 2011 if not a little earlier and got as far as the 13th colossus but didn’t get to finish it due to work. I planned to finish the game eventually but shortly after I heard about the HD rerelease of both games so I thought I’d put my colossi slaying on hold until I got my hands on it. (more…)

WatchDogs_Loop Privacy Breach-noscale

Lately, Ubisoft has been quiet with regards to their upcoming IP Watch Dogs. I actually lost my excitement for this game thanks to all the E3 buzz and next-gen talk. A new video was released showing a 14-minute gameplay walking through the dynamic events that takes place in the world. But the one aspect of this video that kinda placed Watch Dogs back into my radar has to be their multiplayer beingsomewhat integrated into the single player campaign. You’ll know what I mean when you check the video below. (more…)