J-Stars Victory Vs 01The weeaboo in me is going absolutely nuts right now. What looks to be a very nice looking Jump game is coming out in HD later this year. Formerly known as Project Versys J, this game is called J-Stars Victory Vs. (more…)


During this year’s E3, Microsoft revealed a new feature called Games with Gold. This new “bonus” gives Xbox Live Gold Member two free games every month. Sounds amazing right? Free games are always a good thing. I was actually excited when the news broke, until I experience an issue this July that doesn’t quite make any sense. Giving away region-locked titles on the Games with Gold promo? (more…)


We’ve decided to split the let’s plays from main channel since let’s plays are pretty much an entirety on their own. All the older uploaded let’s plays on the main channel (tmgblog) will stay there but newer let’s play vids will go to the new channel (toomuchgamingLP). No trailer for the new channel is ready at the moment but there are some videos already live and there are much more to come very soon. Subscribe if you don’t wanna miss our zany video game adventures and misadventures. (more…)


2K Games has released the latest live-action trailer for Bureau XCOM Declassified. A third person tactical shooter that aims to apply the same deep strategic elements known in the XCOM franchise. Lost star Dominic Monaghan (also Pippen in Lord of the Rings) takes on the role of Agent Ennis Cole reporting on the first event in Pima. The first video ended with two choices that viewers get to pick by voting via Twitter. The new trailer shows the same trailer again, but now with Agent Cole’s fate decided. (more…)


Red Barrels are all set to release Outlast, a survival horror that got a lot of attention during E3. It has everything a horror game needs – A scary atmosphere, creatures chasing after you, and a story involving your character doing something stupid like going inside an abandoned asylum with a camera alone……at night. (more…)