3d printed cloud

Final Fantasy VII on the original PlayStation was the first role playing game I have ever played. Going on a whim and asking my brother to buy all 3 discs for me because my friends said it was a good game introduced me to the wonderful genre that is JRPGs. With it being the first 3D Final Fantasy game and it originally developed for the Nintendo 64, the out of battle graphics weren’t that great. (more…)

migoy plays drakensangWhen I was in-line at Otaku Expo for the entrance ticket, a guy was giving out flyers for this supposed new game (I guess it’s new here) called Drakensang, which I first read as “Dragon’s Crown“. They had a few PCs setup for people to try the game out and for the most part I saw that the PCs were always occupied. (more…)


Blizzard revealed today at Gamescom Diablo 3’s expansion called Reaper of Souls. The expansion will feature a new act, a new class called The Crusader, changes on how loot works, and an endgame option called “loot runs”. The big baddie for Reaper of Souls is non other than the angel of death himself, Malthael. The opening cinematic for the expansion was also released, check it out below. (more…)

Well here’s some exciting news that got me all hyped. Remember that new game from Ubisoft The Division? It impressed a lot of people when it was revealed in this year’s E3, but PC gamers were disappointed when they announced it was only a PS4 and Xbox One title. The community hoped it would come to PC as well. Today, Ubisoft responded to that by announcing that Tom Clancy’s Division is coming to PC as well. (more…)