Mods is one of the big perks in PC, especially when it comes to playing games like Skyrim. The mod community creates these to enhance the experience, and share it to the world. They are one talented bunch, but one modder in particular goal in creating this amazing mod – To hopefully land a job at Bethesda. (more…)


A few weeks ago, I walked up to a Datablitz store and bought a game I never thought I’d ever pick up. Assassin’s Creed 2 was my last creed game and was satisfied with what the game had to offer. The next two games? Not so much. But Assassin’s Creed 3 was a different beast. A new setting, a new ancestor, they even have a new game engine under the hood. With the PC version priced at P995, I convinced myself this would be a good buy. Boy, I didn’t think I’d feel regret after spending 15 hours on the game. (more…)


The best fighting game players in the world went head-to-head last weekend at this year’s Evo Championship Series in Las Vegas to see who among them are the best in their respected fighting game. The tournament is over and we have our champions, together with new announcements to get players and fans excited for the future. It was one hell of a tournament, and it seems like it just gets bigger and bigger each year. Here’s a quick recap of everything you need to know during Evo 2013. (more…)


Not watching the show? Or playing the game? Yea, me neither. But you can give the game a shot for free though if there’s you have a slight interest in the game. The free trial is only given to PC players, and there’s a limited time. (more…)