Red Barrels are all set to release Outlast, a survival horror that got a lot of attention during E3. It has everything a horror game needs – A scary atmosphere, creatures chasing after you, and a story involving your character doing something stupid like going inside an abandoned asylum with a camera alone……at night. (more…)


Got a Wii U, but need a new game? Don’t worry, Pikmin 3 is just around the corner. But just in case you don’t remember how this game works, or rather you have no idea what you’re getting into, Nintendo released a new trailer briefly explaining the basic gameplay. (more…)


Mods is one of the big perks in PC, especially when it comes to playing games like Skyrim. The mod community creates these to enhance the experience, and share it to the world. They are one talented bunch, but one modder in particular goal in creating this amazing mod – To hopefully land a job at Bethesda. (more…)