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TMG Podcast E3 2015 Special: Sony Press Conference

Sony is in the spotlight in this one. Carlos, Will, and Miggy break down all that was revealed during Sony’s E3 press conference. Episode Breakdown – The Last Guardian – Horizon: Zero Dawn – Hitman – Street Fighter V –…
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TMG Podcast episode 64 – Ghost Walls, we don’t get it

The break is over! We are now in 2015 and we are back to discuss what to expect this year. We also talk about our break during the Holidays, Steam Sales, Shovel Knight, Ghost Walls, Robbing a store with a…
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TMG Podcast episode 62 – Exclusivity Within your Exclusives

We are now at the final stretch! Carlos talks about Destiny’s expansion, Will tries out a strategy game called Endless Legend, and Migoy went on an Amiibo hunt again, and also replays Kingdom Hearts in hopes to understand the story…
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TMG Podcast episode 51 – Loot Grind Karting

It’s hard to believe September is over already. Carlos talks about the crazy grind people do in Destiny, Will tries out Mario Kart 8, and Miggy talks Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In news, PlayStation Home finally gets the cut, also Blizzard’s…
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TMG Podcast episode 50 – Super Twister Fries Delux Edition…LIVE

TGS, check! Impressions, check! Twister Fries goodness, check! We are live once again to talk about some video games! Carlos continues his impressions on Destiny, Will gives Dota 2 a try, and Miggy talks about the Super Smash Bros. 3DS…
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