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San Diego Comic Con happened and a few video game announcements showed up during the event. Carlos gives his two cents on Sucker Punch’s latest inFAMOUS game, Will talks The Walking Dead Season 2, and Miggy revisits games like Dark Souls 2 and Drakengard. (more…)


Carlos has finally done it! He caved and bought a PS4 and talks about his experience in the first few days of having the new console. Will is having a blast with the Free-To-Play game War Thunder, and Miggy is still at it to finish up his Mega Man X4 lets play, while playing a bit of Okami HD on the side. We discuss Free-To-Play’s current state, EA downgrading their Sims sequel, and Xbox might lose their programming division. (more…)


Everything is done. We are back to normal. After the Steam Summer Sale madness, we talk about what we picked up during the sale. Did we regret a game purchase because it was cheap? Luckily, no. Carlos get’s blown away by Brothers: A tale of Two Sons, Will shoots Nazi’s in the face in Wolfenstein, and Miggy goes heavy with iOS games. (more…)


This episode was recorded earlier than planned. Carlos finally talks about the upcoming WildStar Sci-Fi MMORPG, Miggy is still going strong with Project X Zone at 20+ hrs in, and Will gives his final verdict for Lost Planet 3. We discuss the latest RUMORED Sony E3 lineup this year, the new Unreal Tournament going F2P, Sunset Overdrive, DriveClub PSN+, a new Pokemon game for the 3DS, and more bad news for Nintendo…as usual. (more…)


And just like that we are now on our 30th episode. In this episode, Carlos continues his impressions on Dark Souls 2, Miggy has finally joined the 3DS family, and Will gives Lost Planet 3 a chance despite it’s horrible reception. Call of Duty 2014 was announced and we talk about Kevin Spacey’s detailed face, the next drama started by ZeniMax to John Carmack, More Nintendo rumors, Borderlands 2 on Vita, and a lot more. (more…)