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Cover=67 In this episode – Miggy, Will, and Carlos just got back from the Manila Game Jam in Ateneo University and they’re all set to talk about all the games they’ve checked out during the weekend. We talk about the future with Microsoft’s announcement on the HoloLens, Guild Wars 2 expansion, and Pokken Tournament. (more…)


In this episode, we talk about RPGs with Legend of Grimrock and Divinity. Miggy continues his adventures in his Amiibo hunt and started playing Duck Tales: Remastered. We tackle the first Nintendo Direct of 2015, Mortal Kombat X, and tackle the big topic for this week – how religion is handled in video games. (more…)


We are now at the end point of 2014. It was an…interesting year. The crew gives their usual impressions, then talk about 2014 as a whole for the video game industry. We also do our own version of The Game Awards show, setting up a few categories and giving us our personal favorites in 2014. Oh, and PLDT sucks, just saying. (more…)