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This episode we focus mainly on one big presentation – The latest Nintendo Direct. Smash Brothers for the 3DS and Wii U was the highlight for Nintendo’s presentation and provided a lot of interesting announcements, so we broke the news down and discuss how this game is crucial for the Wii U’s success this year. Carlos expresses his frustrations in FTL: Advanced Edition, Miggy witness the sort of epic conclusion of the Tomb Raider reboot, and Will goes on a trip with Euro Truck Simulator 2.


25 coverThis episode we broke out of our comfort zone by recording this in the morning to have our reviews editor, Joseph Choi, joins us as we talk Oculus Rift/Facebook and Nintendo. Carlos goes crazy mad with Diablo 3′s expansion; Will gives his final thoughts on BioShock Infinite’s last DLC ever; Miggy doesn’t understands Lara Croft’s emotional side, and Joseph gives us our very first impression of a Wii U exclusive – The Wonderful 101. (more…)


This week is packed with topics to discuss. Aside from our impressions for the week, Sony revealed their new VR project called Project Morpheus. Ubisoft continues the yearly Assassin’s Creed with Unity. Capcom being itself, disappoints  with the new Street Fighter character reveal. And to top that all off – local street dates for specific games were broken recently, should we be concerned? Also, we have Migs from Zeptonium joining the crew for this episode. Press E to listen now! (more…)

Episode 23

This episode we have only Will and Carlos doing a two-man show for you guys since Miggy was enjoying his trip on the beach. Even with just the two of them, they were able to go past the usual time. Carlos gives his impression of the full version of Titanfall, Will talks about Broken Age, a game from Double Fine, and the latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 episode 2. Aside from the usual news, we discuss a specific topic during the second half – The power and effect gaming media can have in the gaming industry. With the NDA now officially release for The Elder Scrolls Online, Carlos gives his two cents about Bethesda’s first MMORPG.



Happy Chinese New Year! The year of the horse has begun. First episode for February has Will, Carlos, and Miggy recording episode 17 in person to talk about a couple of things mainly Nintendo yet again. Why Nintendo? Well, because their not doing so hot at this point. Will also mentions his impressions on Might and Magic X: Legacy; Carlos is still addicted to that Blizzard game on open beta, while Miggy revisits the last Zelda title on the Wii. Episode 17 is LIVE!  (more…)


And we’re back! Missed us? Sure you did. Thanks to the 1 month vacation- Carlos, Will, and Miggy had tons of games to talk about. We also visited Sony’s official #PS4 launch event at Glorietta, plus we gave our opinions on Valve’s announcement of 13 steam machines and PlayStation Now. Have a listen of episode 15 after the break! (more…)


We are now in the final days of 2013. Before we all go to holiday mode, Carlos, Miggy, and Will do the last TMG Podcast episode ever…for 2013. Will and Miggy talk about their experience with Imperium’s grand opening. We talk about the big issue going around YouTube copyright claims right now, and we look back at 2013 and award some games with our very own TMG Awards. This is a long one but hey, it’s the end of the year anyway. Happy holidays!  (more…)

Episode 7 cover

Happy Halloweeen! More Survival Horror talk. Since this is the end of October, we wrap up our horror discussions – F.E.A.R, Fatal Frame, Slender, Dead Space, so much was covered and we feel there’s still more to cover Will gives his final thoughts on Beyond: Two Souls. Carlos going on a click-fest with Path of Exile, while Miggy continues his GTA Online craze. (more…)