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We are now at the final stretch! Carlos talks about Destiny’s expansion, Will tries out a strategy game called Endless Legend, and Migoy went on an Amiibo hunt again, and also replays Kingdom Hearts in hopes to understand the story of that game. Capcom Cup ended and we were given an actual demo of Street Fighter V. We go uber nerd mode on what we saw in terms of mechanics and segway to our topic in this episode – Exclusives. (more…)


We are now on the second to the last episode for 2014! Carlos is back to join the cast and in this episode we focus on the two big events that happened last week – The Game Awards 2014 and The PlayStation Experience. We also go a little overboard with Dragon Age Inquisition at one point, good times.  (more…)

ESGS Cover- Day 2

The TMG Crew went back to the SMX Convention Center to finish off our last round of interviews with the local game developers at the first ever E-Sports and Gaming Summit. This is our Day 2 recap of the event and we covered all that we could cover (We think). Amazing event, talented people, and a lot of Monster Energy drinks. The future is bright for the organizers of ESGS.  (more…)

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A big gaming convention is happening in the Philippines. For two days, the E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) will open its doors on November 15- 16 to feature a series of video game competitions, and showcase video games developed by local game developers. This isn’t the typical convention you’d expect in the Philippines, so let’s give you all the details shall we?  (more…)