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I subscribed to PlayStation Plus not too long ago and got access to a bunch of free games. But not only do you get access to free games every month, there are also games listed under Timed Trials. You essentially get one hour to try a game. If you liked the game and decide to buy it, your progress from the timed trial will carry over.  (more…)

mario nes

Here’s a classic for all y’all. Jiks says he’s never beaten a Mario game before. I beat a few Mario games but never the original Super Mario Bros. So check out our short throwback to an oldie but goodie that I think still holds up for this week’s Throwback Thursday. (more…)

captain america and the avengers

It’s Thursday again and time for another old NES game that I had fond memories of for this week’s Throwback Thursday. Captain America and the Avengers for the NES is a completely different game compared to the arcade, SNES and Mega Drive versions even though it bares the exact same name. The original version was a 2/4 player beat-em-up sort of like Double Dragon or most of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. The version on the NES is a side scroller where you control both Captain America and Hawkeye on a mission to save Vision and Iron Man. (more…)