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TMG Podcast Episode 94 – Until Dawn, IGDA August Meetup, PAX 2015

Meaty episode this week to start September. PAX happened last week, the crew tried out the PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, we checked out IGDA’s August Meetup, and we do a little experiment towards the end of the cast.

Eps 90- Cover

TMG Podcast Episode 90 – Clash of Clans, Windows 10, Mafia 3, Manila Cup 2015

The road to 100 has begun! The crew gather yet again for our 90th episode and we still can’t believe we’ve reached this point. Carlos plays the highest grossing game app to date for “research”, Will checks out Windows 10,…
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TMG Podcast E3 2015: Microsoft Press Conference!

TMG Podcast E3 2015 Special: Microsoft Press Conference

Microsoft is up for our E3 2015 Special. Carlos, Will, and Miggy talk about the Big announcements coming from Xbox and this might be their best press conference in years.


TMG Podcast Episode 82 – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Disney Infinity 3.0, Mortal Kombat X

In this episode – We talk about Mortal Kombat X’s take on Jason and the Asia Pacific Championship that happened last weekend at Imperium. Carlos struggles with Uplay, and first details on the next Assassin’s Creed was just released.

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TMG Podcast episode 72 – Happy XCOM Day

February is now a wrap and we are now entering the summer. God help us with the coming heat. In this episode, Carlos tries hard to go stealth, Migoy goes on a journey, we learn Nash’s story, and a lot…
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TMG Podcast episode 51 – Loot Grind Karting

It’s hard to believe September is over already. Carlos talks about the crazy grind people do in Destiny, Will tries out Mario Kart 8, and Miggy talks Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In news, PlayStation Home finally gets the cut, also Blizzard’s…
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TMG Podcast episode 50 – Super Twister Fries Delux Edition…LIVE

TGS, check! Impressions, check! Twister Fries goodness, check! We are live once again to talk about some video games! Carlos continues his impressions on Destiny, Will gives Dota 2 a try, and Miggy talks about the Super Smash Bros. 3DS…
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