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Carlos has finally done it! He caved and bought a PS4 and talks about his experience in the first few days of having the new console. Will is having a blast with the Free-To-Play game War Thunder, and Miggy is still at it to finish up his Mega Man X4 lets play, while playing a bit of Okami HD on the side. We discuss Free-To-Play’s current state, EA downgrading their Sims sequel, and Xbox might lose their programming division. (more…)


Everything is done. We are back to normal. After the Steam Summer Sale madness, we talk about what we picked up during the sale. Did we regret a game purchase because it was cheap? Luckily, no. Carlos get’s blown away by Brothers: A tale of Two Sons, Will shoots Nazi’s in the face in Wolfenstein, and Miggy goes heavy with iOS games. (more…)


Microsoft starts E3 2014 and they’re message was clear this time around – There will be games on Xbox One. They didn’t waste a single minute on anything else. The Xbox team behind Phil Spencer just went up there and showed all the titles we can expect from Xbox One. What was presented? Here’s a summary of what went down. (more…)


E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the biggest event for the gaming industry, where all the big game reveals and announcements from big video game companies happen. It’s literally just around the corner, so for those that want to catch all the reveals and big announcements from the big gaming companies, here’s the full schedule of when each press conference goes live.  (more…)

cover-33In this episode- Carlos, Will,and Miggy start their E3 discussion. But before that, we had a lot of ground to cover. Carlos gives his experience on Transistor, Miggy talks Drakengard 3, and Will mentions The latest episode of The Walking Dead Game, plus Dreadout. In news, the Watch Dogs hype is building up, a true Street Fighter live action series was released, re-release of old games, and a lot more. (more…)