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First week of April, we we’re expecting a slow week but was able to cook up a good discuss on what happened this week. Microsoft gets a new Xbox head, Amy Hennig joins Visceral Games for a Star Wars game, and a lot more. Miggy plays around with Goat Simulator 2014, Carlos becomes BATMAN, and Will joins the crazy grind in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. Have a listen of episode 26 after the bump.

25 coverThis episode we broke out of our comfort zone by recording this in the morning to have our reviews editor, Joseph Choi, joins us as we talk Oculus Rift/Facebook and Nintendo. Carlos goes crazy mad with Diablo 3′s expansion; Will gives his final thoughts on BioShock Infinite’s last DLC ever; Miggy doesn’t understands Lara Croft’s emotional side, and Joseph gives us our very first impression of a Wii U exclusive – The Wonderful 101. (more…)

Episode 23

This episode we have only Will and Carlos doing a two-man show for you guys since Miggy was enjoying his trip on the beach. Even with just the two of them, they were able to go past the usual time. Carlos gives his impression of the full version of Titanfall, Will talks about Broken Age, a game from Double Fine, and the latest episode of The Walking Dead Season 2 episode 2. Aside from the usual news, we discuss a specific topic during the second half – The power and effect gaming media can have in the gaming industry. With the NDA now officially release for The Elder Scrolls Online, Carlos gives his two cents about Bethesda’s first MMORPG.


podcast 22 Another week, another episode of The TMG Podcast. Just like always, we have a so much to talk about but what happened this week is a bit depressing. Jack Tretton steps down as CEO of Sony America, Disney layoffs 700 employees in the gaming department, and Amy Hennig steps down as creative director at Naughty Dog. On a lighter note — A new batman game was announced, yay? Will is still at it with his Pokemon adventure, Miggy is playing Beer Pong in his PS3 for some reason, and Carlos now has his final thoughts on the Strider reboot. (more…)


Here we go, it’s March! Our first episode for the month has us semi-live with Will and Miggy recording in person while Carlos was on the other side of the Metro joining the conversation through Skype. Will begins his Pokemon journey in Pokemon X, Miggy revisits his PSP, and Carlos re-installs Diablo 3 to prepare for the expansion. We also discuss 3D-Realms latest issue with Duke Nukem and online features shutting down for Nintendo’s previous platforms. (more…)

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What a busy week we had! Doom is coming back, The Order 1886 is looking amazing, SEGA’s Shenmue trademark up for grabs, and a big change Irrational Games that no one saw it coming. Plus, 50,000 people are trying to finish Pokemon Red via Twitch? Carlos has broken free from the Hearthstone spell and gives his impressions on the Strider reboot. Miggy pushes on with his Binary Domain, While Will tries The Banner Saga. (more…)


For this episode of The TMG Podcast we shift a bit to the casual side of gaming and discuss the crazy iOS Flappy Birds that just went viral in just a few weeks. How did it get viral? We also talk about Amazon’s possible move into the console making business with them now owning Double Helix. Dungeon Keeper butchered by EA, DICE Awards, MGS fans going ballistic, it’s just another mixed bag of topics for this week here at The TMG Podcast. (more…)