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Carlos has finally done it! He caved and bought a PS4 and talks about his experience in the first few days of having the new console. Will is having a blast with the Free-To-Play game War Thunder, and Miggy is still at it to finish up his Mega Man X4 lets play, while playing a bit of Okami HD on the side. We discuss Free-To-Play’s current state, EA downgrading their Sims sequel, and Xbox might lose their programming division. (more…)

Heroes SS03

The Alpha of Heroes of the Storm has taken my weekend. The MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) scene is already crowded with the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2 and I was wondering if there was a place for Blizzard’s take on the genre. After playing game after game close to 3AM for three days, its changes to the 5v5 formula got me excited for a MOBA once again. (more…)


Everything is done. We are back to normal. After the Steam Summer Sale madness, we talk about what we picked up during the sale. Did we regret a game purchase because it was cheap? Luckily, no. Carlos get’s blown away by Brothers: A tale of Two Sons, Will shoots Nazi’s in the face in Wolfenstein, and Miggy goes heavy with iOS games. (more…)


E3 is here! In this episode, we recorded this episode a day before E3 so we talk more about the rumors and what to expect during the event. The crew showed up at the launch event for Ultra Street Fighter 4 and played around with the changes and new characters. Carlos mentions Watch Dogs and how the game is shaping up after 20+ hours. Will gives Namco’s Free to Play Ace Combat a shot, and Miggy is very impressed with Super Motherload on the PS3. (more…)