It’s friday and just in case you’re looking for a game to play during the weekend, you should head over to Steam and check at their Spotlight section. For this wekend only, the Crysis franchise and Trine franchise will be 75% off. Each game will be cut by 75% of its regular price and if you haven’t got the chance to try any of those games, it’s a great time to start now.  (more…)

RE 6

If you’re anxiously waiting for the release of Resident Evil 6, hopefully this bit of news will help the wait, or maybe make it worse. A demo of Resident Evil 6 will be released to the pubic on September 18  through PSN and Xbox 360. This won’t be the same content released for Dragon’s Dogma owners though. You will have new stages for Leon, Chris, and Jake, plus you can try the game’s online co-op.  (more…)

Before the Gods, before the Titans, there were the Furies. These three deities are the antagonist in Ascension. The story takes place after Kratos sells his soul to Ares. To break the bond with the God of War, Kratos will have to defeat the Furies that hold the contract.  (more…)