I never thought I would get back into an MMO. I’ve played them for years and have completely lost interest with the standard MMO formula. Yet, when Guild Wars 2 was announced, I wanted to give it a chance. Arenanet’s promises about the features in the game were ambitious and completely out of every MMO player’s comfort zone. After years of development, the game has finally gone live, allowing players to populate the world of Tyria. After playing the game from day one up to the day I decided to sit down and finally write this review, I can honestly say that Guild Wars 2 is a step forward in the right direction for the MMORPG genre. (more…)

Guild Wars 2’s Halloween event was a success, now Arenanet keeps the free content going with Lost Shores. This would be the next major update to Guild Wars 2 and will include a major event that would only happen once, literally once. So to make sure we all don’t miss it, Arenanet posted the schedule for when these events will take place. (more…)

Bethesda announced today that a full trailer is coming on November 5.  This tease was tweeted by Bethesda that came withe picture above, and its pretty much anybody’s guess to what this is. I’ll put my money on a new Skyrim DLC though since it was recently rumored that dragon mount asset files were found on the latest Skyrim patch. That, and I highly doubt Bethesda is nowhere near done releasing DLC for Skyrim. What do you guys think?