A couple of days ago, I posted my Diablo 3 Hardcore playthrough without using the AH. Well that’s a bust, not because I died or anything, but because my graphics card died. So, until I get a replacement, I have no choice but to put my Hardcore progress on hold. I loved the idea of adding extra rules to give a challenge, so I decided to play Skyrim on my Xbox 360 again with a set of rules to spice things up a bit. (more…)

The addiction of Call of Duty is crazy. Every year we get a new game, and just like clockwork we see millions of gamers ready to buy it. It’s great, it’s addicting, it’s fun, but would you play the game for 7 days straight? Well, one guy did. Australian gamer Okan Kaya played Black Ops 2 for 135 hours straight setting the new Guinness World Record for longest gaming marathon ever recorded. Don’t worry, the guy is fine.  (more…)

Sony Online Entertainment’s Planetside 2 has now opened its servers to the world. This game offers an FPS experience on a grand scale. We are talking about thousands of players joining three factions, and fighting it out for map control. The game is Free-To-Play and I suggest you start downloading and form ranks! Oh, and you can check out the launch trailer below too. (more…)

In Diablo 3, once you hit level 60 and kill Diablo on inferno difficulty, you are pretty much done with the game, and the endless grind to find better loot to simply kill monsters faster begins. I did the tedious grind and it eventually gets old. I also found myself on the auction house trying to sell my hard-earned loot for gold , or buy better gear for cheap. This was a method I see every time I log in Diablo 3. The Auction House crippled the replay value of this game in a way and I consider it a bad addition since the whole game revolves so much on it. Most of the time, you are simply hunting for any loot that has some value to sell. So I decided to completely remove that aspect from my playthrough that involves me having just one life. See how the game feels.  (more…)