Halloween is close by, and ArenaNet will be joining in on the fun. Guild Wars 2’s first major content update is called Shadow of the Mad King. that will include a Halloween event, new minigames, new dynamic events, PvP paid tournaments, and more.  (more…)

I love the idea of web-series on the net. Especially when its video game related. Halo 4 is coming this month and to prepare fans for the 4th installment, Microsoft invested in a web-series called Forward Unto Dawn. The web-series debuted on October 5 and the second episode just came out. Have a look at the first two episodes now. (more…)


Got Dishonored this week? Awesome. Was it through Datablitz? Well then, maybe this will interest you. Datablitz just announced that you can get free DLC’s when you get a copy of Dishonored on any platform. In addition, customers that have already bought a copy of Dishonored can head back to the same Datablitz branch and claim your free DLC, as long as you still have your receipt that is. (more…)