XCOM: Enemy Unknown

For a week now, I have been play XCOM: Enemy Unknown every chance I get. It’s a great game and any fan of the strategy genre should get this. But I’m not here to boast on how good this game is, I’ll save that for a another post, this post is about Ironman mode, an advanced setting in the game that I think should come as a standard extra options for future strategy games.  (more…)

Far Cry 3 will be an open world FPS game, similar to Far Cry 2. Sound awesome right? Well it depends. Far Cry 2’s open world felt like a chore to move forward when I played it back in 2008. The feel to explore wasn’t there for me, so this was my main concern when I started learning about Far Cry 3, did they improve in that aspect of the game? Check out this video that gives us a good look at Far Cry 3’s open world gameplay. (more…)

Sony Entertainment Online has now given a release date for Planetside 2, a Free-To-Play online shooter. This will actually be considered an MMO because this FPS is about huge scale battles with thousands of players, and again, it’s going to be free to play. Get ready to pick one of the three factions, because Planetside 2 hits on November 20. (more…)

For a long time now, the survival horror genre is being kept alive by indie games. Games such as Amnesia and Slender are latest horrors that could potentially keep you up all night. Outlast is also an indie title planned for the PC that looks to be just as frightening. Outlast is being developed over at Red Barrels, a new studio with developer veterans that worked with famous game franchises such as Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, and the upcoming Far Cry 3. Check out the impressive teaser below. (more…)