To celebrate Megaman’s 25th anniversary, Capcom released Street Fighter X Megaman last December for free. It was a great was to please fans of  megaman. Now they are showing a bit more love by releasing version 2 of the game, which fixes the many bugs that game with this free PC game. No new content was added, but its good to see Capcom is providing support to even a free game like this. 


Steam Holiday sale0104

[UPDATE] It looks like Steam is feeling a bit more generous for the new year. The Steam Holiday Sale, which was planned to end on January 5, has now been extended until the end of the weekend. So you have until January 7 to grab some titles.

If you haven’t been on Steam lately, your missing out. The Steam Holiday is still ongoing and as usual, the price cuts are ridiculous. I’m sure some of you still have money left to burn after the holidays because you have until January 5 to make those regretful purchases. (more…)


The long-awaited PVP content, specifically the team deathmatch mode, has now been scrapped. Jay Wilson broke the news to their fans over at Diablo 3’s official blog. Not all is lost, the ability to duel players is still a go though, which is in the 1.0.7 patch planned for release sometime this month. (more…)

2013 Q1_release_featured

2012 was another great year for gaming. So many great titles were released that it was actually hard to keep up. We had tons of sleeper hits, great triple A titles as usual, and indie games that killed it this year. But don’t think the first few months of 2013 will be your time to catch up. Thanks to some games pushed to the first quarter of 2013, we actually have a heavy lineup of anticipated games entering the new year.  (more…)