lightning returns_final fantasy xiii
First trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been revealed! Well, by accident really. Game Trailers released the debut trailer early by accident. Right after it went live, it was quickly taken down from the site. It was apparently planned for a weekend reveal. The damage is done though and the trailer is now roaming around the net. So far the trailer is up on youtube, but I suggest you take a peek now before it gets taken down.  (more…)

War Z image

War Z, Hammer Point Interactive’s online zombie survival shooter, was released a couple of days ago on Steam, but is now removed from the service thanks to public outcry. Players who bought the online game for $15 bucks claims that the game doesn’t live up to several features promised by the developers.  (more…)

PSN holiday sale

Sony is showing some holiday spirit with the Holiday Essentials, that will be providing 30% off and a 50% off for PS Plus members on great games over the next three weeks. Each week, the sale will be highlighting the best games available in the PSN store. First week is up, so have a look at the list below.  (more…)