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XCOM. Sadly, it isn’t a commonly known name nowadays, but this franchise is considered one of the best strategy games of all time. When I heard Firaxis took the challenge of recreating the 1994 cult classic for modern-day platforms, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. When release day came, I bought it without hesitation, and after countless campaigns and finally finishing the game on classic Ironman difficulty, I can easily say this one of 2012’s best. This reboot not only retains the core concept of the original, it will also satisfy both hardcore fans of the old title as well as players new to the game. Firaxis has struck gold with this one. (more…)

When you say mech games nowadays, there’s so little that pops in my head. It’s a style that we rarely see in this generation. Well, Hawken is here to hopefully fill that void. Hawken is now on it’s open-beta stages since December, so I took the opportunity and played a few rounds of mech warfare.




First “What are you playing?” post of 2013! Actually it’s been awhile now since we last did this, so I decided to bring it back. It’s the first weekend of the year and I’ve been consumed with a strategy game that I just love.  (more…)


To celebrate Megaman’s 25th anniversary, Capcom released Street Fighter X Megaman last December for free. It was a great was to please fans of  megaman. Now they are showing a bit more love by releasing version 2 of the game, which fixes the many bugs that game with this free PC game. No new content was added, but its good to see Capcom is providing support to even a free game like this. 


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[UPDATE] It looks like Steam is feeling a bit more generous for the new year. The Steam Holiday Sale, which was planned to end on January 5, has now been extended until the end of the weekend. So you have until January 7 to grab some titles.

If you haven’t been on Steam lately, your missing out. The Steam Holiday is still ongoing and as usual, the price cuts are ridiculous. I’m sure some of you still have money left to burn after the holidays because you have until January 5 to make those regretful purchases. (more…)