The founders of People Can Fly (Better known as the developers that worked side by side with Epic Games on Gears of War titles and Bulletstorm)have created another studio called The Astronauts and they just announced their first project – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Described as a “Weird Fiction Horror” that’s coming to the PC this year, I’m quite excited to see how this game turns out, we need more horror in our gaming lives, screw all the shooting. Check out the quick teaser below. (more…)


We’re only two weeks away from the release of the hack and slash Metal Gear Solid spin-off and Konami is keeping the hype going with more trailers. We know Raiden slashes everything in sight in a cool but sadistic way, they have shown so much of that, but these new trailers focus on the unmanned baddies you get to fight and the unique weapons Raiden gets to wield once he defeats a boss. Check the trailers below. (more…)


I’m sure right about now you guys are playing some Dead Space 3. Alone, or with a buddy, resources are quite scarce in the world of Dead Space so looking at every corner or room is a must. Just in case you need more reesources to craft but don’t want to spend money with the optional microtransactions, a glitch has already been found to get as many resources you need. (more…)

Path of Exile Open Beta impressions

I’m a huge Diablo 2 fan, I’ve played that game countless times with different characters because I just loved the character building. Naturally, Diablo 3 was a no brainer for me to get last yea but it did not scratch that Diablo 2 itch. A great game in its own right, but not the sequel we were expecting. Then there comes Path of Exile, a Free-To-Play Action RPG that comes out of nowhere and has become the answer to satisfy hardcore Diablo fans. It’s now on open beta and I’m loving every minute of it.  (more…)