ESGS Cover- Day 2

The TMG Crew went back to the SMX Convention Center to finish off our last round of interviews with the local game developers at the first ever E-Sports and Gaming Summit. This is our Day 2 recap of the event and we covered all that we could cover (We think). Amazing event, talented people, and a lot of Monster Energy drinks. The future is bright for the organizers of ESGS.  (more…)


In this episode, the crew decides to meet up to do the podcast recording live, as well as prepare for the big gaming convention happening next week – E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS). This years Blizzcon also happened this week revealing a new franchise from Blizzard and more. Carlos, Will, and Miggy share their usual gaming impressions and cover one big topic during the second half of the cast – Downloadable Content (DLC) (more…)


This week, we still having some horror withdrawal as we enter the heaviest month for gaming – November. Carlos talks more about Alien: Isolation, Will goes to space with Civilization: Beyond Earth and actually started preparing his future purchase of a Wii U by buying Bayonetta 2. Miggy continues to explore Smash Bros in the 3DS, the new Persona fighting game, and struggles on Five Night’s at Freddys. It’s a big month folks, wallets will cry.


We are now at the end of October. Last episode for Horror Month and we have a good urban legend that revolves around Five Nights at Freddy’s. Friendly reminder: This is episode is longer than usual, there was so much to cover. We talk local events, more on Evil Within, Microsoft showing some momentum in the console sales, and a lot more! (more…)