Cover - 71 In this episode to end February, Migs from Nubs and Cubes join the crew yet again. Carlos expresses his disappointment on the latest Killzone campaign, Migs does the endless grind in Diablo 3, and Miggy has yet again earned another Amiibo for his imaginary Wii U. Also, thanks to the reaction of a leaked full playthrough of The Order: 1886 before release or any reviews, we get to talk about game length. (more…)


On February 4, 2015, PlayStation invited 40 lucky fans and media  to attend a closed event that would make them the first gamers in the Philippines to try out two exclusive games coming to the PlayStation 4 – The Order: 1886, and Bloodborne. The TMG Crew attended the event and was surprised to see Sony make an effort in reaching out to gaming community here. For those that were unable to attend, here’s what you missed. (more…)


The TMG crew had the big opportunity to attend this year’s Manila Game Jam in Ateneo De Manila University. With around 120+ participants, they were all tasked to create a game under 48 hours and revolve their concept on a specific theme: ‘What Do We Do Now?’. After all the pitching, coding, and sleepless nights, 32 games were created in the Ateneo site. Here’s the crew’s personal top 5 games list. (more…)

Cover=67 In this episode – Miggy, Will, and Carlos just got back from the Manila Game Jam in Ateneo University and they’re all set to talk about all the games they’ve checked out during the weekend. We talk about the future with Microsoft’s announcement on the HoloLens, Guild Wars 2 expansion, and Pokken Tournament. (more…)


In this episode, we talk about RPGs with Legend of Grimrock and Divinity. Miggy continues his adventures in his Amiibo hunt and started playing Duck Tales: Remastered. We tackle the first Nintendo Direct of 2015, Mortal Kombat X, and tackle the big topic for this week – how religion is handled in video games. (more…)