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All About TMG(TooMuchGaming)

Too Much Gaming is a blogsite of gamers(mostly in the Philippines) that posts anything about video games. Local and international news, features, game reviews, and our very own shenanigans that we experience while gaming. We have a passion for the gaming industry and just like any passionate gamer, we have an opinion. Our goal is to share that opinion to the gaming community we hope to create.

What do we usually post?

Game Reviews: Well, this is pretty much self explanatory.  We only create a game review once we have experienced everything the game has to offer. All games reviews are original copies bought by us and we take our time to really give an unbiased opinion on a specific game. We can currently cover games on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

YouTube: TMG also has a YouTube channel with all our gaming shenanigans and playthroughs. We update regularly and can see any latest videos on the site of the blog. You can check out our channel here. We also have a Let’s Play channel.

Live Broadcast: We do live gaming streams on Twitch.tv. No definite schedule at the moment. Content is simply us doing a playthrough of the games we play, or attempting a certain challenge in a game.

TMG Podcast: A weekly show where we talk about what we’ve been playing, our impressions and opinions on games, gaming news, and a new topic to discuss every week. New episodes come out on Tuesdays. You can subscribe to us on iTunes or catch the podcast on our Youtube channel as well.


The Crew:

Carlos Hernandez

I’ve been passionate about gaming since the day I played my first video game on my Super Nintendo.  While some cherish those memorable days in life like graduation day, their first paycheck, or their very first car, what I cherish back in the day is quite different. I remember the day I finally cleared the Water temple in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; the day I killed Final Fantasy 7’s last form of Sephiroth for the first time with Cloud as a frog(20 HP), Vincent dead, and Yuffie dealing a 9,999 mug attack FTW; the day my guild and I killed Illidan Stormrage(before it got nerfed) in World of Warcraft after a painful month of learning the fight; the day I played Metal Gear Solid 2 and to be flat-out furious that I was playing a blonde kid for 90% of the game. Oh, the good old days. Fast foward to the present, nothing has changed except how much the price of one video game can leave a hole in your wallet. Friends and family know my love for video games and how I can talk people’s ear off when it’s gaming related. So they say why not make a blog site. Here it is.


Miguel Mendoza
Writer/Video Content Manager

Just a simple and nerdy guy who likes video games a little more than the average person should. While not being particularly good at them, I do still have thoughts and opinions about this form of entertainment media that I want to get out there. On this site I sometimes write about gaming news, reviews, share my recent hauls, and currently record my playthroughs and upload them to our youtube channel.


If there are questions, recommendations, concerns,  or simply want to contact us, email us at – toomuchgamingblog@gmail.com


  1. Abs Yasin

    I just discovered this site. Ma check nga podcasts noy :)

    Good luck sa maga projects nyo! We need more pinoy gamers out there. :)

    1. Carlos Hernandez (Post author)

      Thank you! We hope you get a kick out of our weekly content! :)

  2. Abs Yasin

    Nyo* sorry for the typo.

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  4. Jam Quiatson

    What is your amenities and facilities in your bar?

  5. stardaytite.science

    Chris has been drawing all things odd for a very long time. Everything from comics to games you name it. He spends most of his time locked in his basement hunched over a drawing and drinking way to much coffee.


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