Monday Impressions: Gundam Breaker BETA


What’s better than a Gundam video game? A GunPla video game. What is GunPla? GunPla stands for Gundam Plastic Model Kits. Those little snap together kits from Bandai. Long have I craved for a Gundam game where you can swap parts. It’s not as complex as Armored Core but it still has some charm to it.

The Gundam Breaker beta is only available on the Japanese PS Store so if you want to try this game out, you’d need to have a Japanese PSN account. I made one to redeem my Bayonetta DLC code from my Japanese copy of Max Anarchy from last year which is how I got to play this beta.

Behold! My creations!


Is it worth a try?

By all means. Yes! If you are a Gundam fan or an especially huge GunPla fan, I strongly urge you to check this game out.

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