Monthly Archives: September 2012

Max Anarchy

Max Anarchy (Anarchy Reigns in the US) is sort of in “localization limbo” right now since SEGA delayed the US release for another year. The Japanese version has complete English menus, voices, etc in the game which means that the game is complete. Instead of waiting for another year for a game that might not even see the light of US shores, I took matters into my own hands and imported the game. (more…)

This week, the PSN Store is getting updated with new content for PS Plus members. If you haven’t played Starhawk, now here’s your chance. PS Plus members can download and play the singplayer campaign of Starhawk for free. Not only that, members get all of the game’s DLC that has been released so far, free of charge. This, and the usual game discounts that come with the membership. Have you heard of a game called Tokyo Jungle? (more…)