Monthly Archives: July 2012

Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment(DC Universe Online, EverQuest, Free Realms)  just released a lengthy trailer for Planetside 2. It’s not gameplay footage, but it looks damn epic. Planetside 2 is an MMOFPS game that will be Free To Play when released. Not only am I curious about Planetside 2 thanks to the trailer, I might sign up for the beta and try my luck. (more…)

Apparently Square Enix is not done with Final Fantasy XIII. Future development of Final Fantasy XIII will be announced on September 1 during  a stage show at the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event in Japan. Now this could mean more DLC costumes for XIII-2, or simply Final Fantasy XIII-3. I prefer an announcement for the next Final Fantasy if you ask me. (more…)


Steam Summer Sale

The great week of god crazy discounts is at its end. The Steam Summer Sale is on its last day and the last set of deals are decent to say the least. If you haven’t played any of the Bioshock games, Bastion, or Splinter Cell: Conviction, it’s worth the buy at 75% off. Here is the full list. (more…)

Armored Kill DLC

FACK! Just when I started hating EA and DICE for what they just recently announced, they throw this amazing DLC trailer that pretty much cater to why I love Battlefield in the first place -Vehicle Warfare. Four new maps, new vehicles, mobile artillery, and what they consider “Biggest map in Battlefield history”? Crap I’m sold, but still not touching Battlefield 3 Premium. (more…)