EVO 2012 – so much hype!

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Day 1 of the biggest fighting game tournament of the year has just ended and boy what a day it was. This is my first time watching a full day of an Evo stream and I do not regret the loss of sleep.

The games that ran for day 1 were Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, King of Fighters XIII, Soul Calibur V, and the latest Mortal Kombat game (MK9). I watched a bit of the KoFXIII and SCV streams but mostly viewed the SSF4AE stream. To be honest I was only really hyped up for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 which will be running on day 2 of EVO 2012 but to my surpise I ended up watching the whole of the SSF4AE pools all the way to the semifinal bracket. Who knew SSF4AE could be so hype? I am personally rooting for Dieminion to take 1st place in the grand finals on day 3.

I need to catch some Z’s so that I can stay up to watch the UMvC3 pools and get some gaming done if I wake up a little early.

If you’re interested in watching the live stream of EVO, you can view all 3 channels at the same time here http://evo2012.s3.amazonaws.com/live/index.html as well as the schedules for each of the pools and panels.

Man, so much hype on day 1. What more from day 2? IT’S MAHVEL BABY!

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“Guess who’s ready to watch the EVO2012 stream?”


  1. jkuc

    How can you be unhyped by AE? More unpredictable than Marvel.

  2. Quash

    @jkuc AE is great this year. Looks like a good mix of characters reaching top 32

    With Marvel, not too hyped. Might see similar team compositions over and over.

  3. jkuc

    Well I did see alot of repeated characters in just top 8. Taskmaster, Nova, Dr.Doom, Hawkeye, Vergil, Wolverine, etc…

  4. Quash

    @jkuc Yea Marvel really does have that pool of characters that needs to be in your team to go far. Surprised to see Nova at the finals. Good character but I just crack up always when he says “I got this” when you hard tag him in.

    We also saw a good Modok/Super Skrull/Spencer team. Modok has a lot of potential and is definitely a pain in the ass if played well.


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