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Dragunov Gaming Mouse

A week ago, my mouse started giving me problems with the left click randomly not working(I blame Diablo 3). So I headed to the mall in search for a good cheap mouse and I actually found one that was below my budget and was actually made for gamers.

Now I’m not a peripheral buying kind of guy. I hardly purchase those expensive gaming headsets or any of those add-ons in gaming consoles. Heck, I haven’t bothered getting my own webcam for my PC. If I have to choose between a standard Playstation 3 controller worth P2,000 to a controller with just some special color worth P4,000, I’ll go for the P2,000 in a heart beat. That is just how I am. As long as it works, I’m good. Same for my PC equipment. Now since my mouse gave up after 4 years, it’s time to get a new one…

Yes, the picture above was my mouse for 4 years. For a very cheap mouse working for that many years, I think it was about time it started giving me problems. I clean it regularly and it’s so old that after cleaning it, it looks dirty.

My budget was around P500 – P800. I was looking for any mouse really, even a mouse similar to my old one would do. Looking at various computer shops at Alabang Town Center, nothing struck my interest. Some were mostly at the P800 – P1,200 range. So with no luck after 30 minutes(I shop quick), I decided to peek atΒ DatablitzΒ to see if there is anything new. Then at the corner of the store I found it, a gaming mouse worth only P495(around $10)?

Dragon War Dragunov Gaming Mouse. The box looked appealing and I double checked if they just forgot to add an extra zero on the price tag. The store clerk said it was legit. There were three types of Gaming Mouse priced at P495, similar features but shaped differently. I know little about Ergonomic design, but I picked Dragunov since it felt right when I held it the first time. I bought the mouse right away with a return policy of one week if I find issues with the mouse.

At first glance, I thought I was holding a very cheap Razer product with its fancy box that includes a free mouse pad. But it was actually Dragon War, a company in Japan together with Elephant who seems to be the distributor of the product in Asia.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design for professional gamer
  • Gaming mouse with 6 control buttons
  • Mouse cable length of 1.4 meters
  • Suitable for almost every surface
  • Special gaming sensor with revolutionary 3200 dpi
  • Mouse Pad is provided
  • Resolution: 800/1600/2400/3200 dpi
  • Interface: USB
  • Dimension: W79 X D40 X H120mm
  • Weight: 76g

I’m fine having the standard buttons found on any standard mouse, but for the sake of testing all the Dargunov has to offer, I went on configuring some buttons. Setting the 6 keys in the mouse was pretty easy but requires you to download the software from the link provided in the box. A quick download and to set each button was self-explanatory. If you still require help on how to do it, they redirect you to a page after installing the program with a link to a user guide. I didn’t change much in my mouse but I’ve placed the two new buttons on the left side to be my browser refresh and browser back buttons.Β The changes you make happens instantly when you press that apply button.

One week after purchase….

When I bought the mouse, I was planning to make a post right away, but further testing and actually use of the mouse was needed. So with the mouse having a 1 week replacement policy for defective products, I gave the mouse a beating for the first week. Besides, with it being so cheap, I was still questioning its durability. I wasn’t going to throw it on the ground or anything, but I did play the game that broke my last mouse, and that is Diablo 3.

After a week of constant Diablo 3 clicking, combined with the everyday routine I do in my PC, Dragunov was still functioning properly. With the mouse being rubber coated and how the mouse was shaped, this mouse felt way better than my previous one. Sure, coming from that old mouse above is a huge upgrade, but again – Were talking about a gaming mouse that I bet is at the same price range as those standard mouse that comes with any PC bundle.

If you are on a budget and planning to buy a mouse designed for gaming, this will definitely do if you are starting out. The fact that you get features that any gamer would appreciate for only P495 is a steal if you ask me. It lasting for months is questionable, but with a very low price point, it’s worth the risk.



  1. Tim

    If you’re willing to shell out a bit more, the ThermalTake Black Element is only around 1800php ($40USD), and is quite the catch.


    Apart from the fast double click speed (remedied by a patch), there seem to be no problems with this mouse.

    1. Quash (Post author)

      Does it light up on the side? lol

  2. xvii13

    A helpful, informative, and well-written review :) Was searching for more information on the Dragunov (planning to give it as a gift) and I stumbled upon this article. Keep on sharing the knowledge! :)

  3. Quash (Post author)

    @xvii13 Thanks for the input! I hope the mouse serves as a great gift.

  4. Travis

    Something worth taking note about the Dragunov:

    If you purchase the mouse from DataBlitz, they will only offer 7 days of replacement warranty and a month of limited repair support.

    My Dragunov mouse broke down after 3 months of moderate use and when I sent Datablitz an email to ask if they can still have it repaired, they said that there’s nothing that they can do about it anymore. Disappointing if you ask me, considering that others would offer at least 6 months of repair warranty for accessories *ahemcdrkingahem*

  5. Quash (Post author)

    @Travis Thanks for pointing that out! It really is disappointing that Datablitz only has 7 days of warranty for their accessories.

  6. japespszx

    @Quash Hey, is your DW Dragunov still in good condition? (just asking since Travis said his mouse broke in 3 months) I saw this mouse too but in another location: Datablitz in Park Square. I saw the mouse and it comes with a free mouse pad. So… would you recommend me to buy it?

  7. Quash (Post author)

    @japespszx Yes I would recommend you buy it. I bought this on the first week of July and so far no issues whatsoever.

  8. japespszx

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll save up some money for this. πŸ˜€

  9. Butz

    Highly recommended for budget minded gamers.

  10. Butz

    So far since June, Still rocking and no problem at all.

  11. Jong

    can this run on windows xp? πŸ˜€

    1. Quash (Post author)

      Yes, it’s compatible with windows XP

  12. Quash (Post author)

    @Butz nice! October is almost over and It still works great for me so far.

  13. cris

    i got this and its really cool working perfectly!

  14. Leno


    Shell out a “bit” more? eh more than x3 ung price nyan eh..pano naging a “bit” more yan?

  15. Leno

    para kay tim pala yang question na yan..hehehehe..shell out a bit more: 500 versus 1800…

    1. arscariosus

      I’m into peripherals, I own a Tt Black Element and I must agree it’s quite expensive but definitely worth it. My “bayaw” recently bought a Razer Deathadder and it feels “cheaper than my Tt Black Element. It’s a catch for thrice the price of the DW mouse because you know it’ll last, it can have 5 profiles saved directly in the mouse memory (Razer doesn’t do that, they only have cloud sync which requires they Synapse software to be installed for the profiles to work), 5 colors for each profile, adjustable weight and 9 programmable buttons ( including the scroll, left and right keys. These features might not be for everyone but the feel pf the mouse is really solid. Even dropped it a few hours after purchase lol.

      2 of my friends recently bought a DW Leviathan and Dragunov respectively and I must say the former is designed for MMOs while the latter is designed for FPS. The ergonomics is good, but it feels fragile. Since it’s still several days old, we’ll see :))

  16. Ronnie Carlos

    I bought the leviathan last 10/27/12 considering the additional 2 side buttons, me and my girlfriend are trying to play l4d and gave her the leviathan mouse so she could try how it feels to play with a gaming mouse i plugged the gaming mouse to her laptop and the cursor wont work, the left, right, additional 2 buttons and the dpi button are all working but the buttom light is not working. i saw the same problem with elephant on the internet and they have recommended to return it to the store where i bought it. i have no plan of returning it as the warranty only last for 7 days. im sharing this for gamers who are risking to buy dragon war gaming mouse

  17. Quash (Post author)

    @Ronnie Carlos Thanks for the info! With it having a 7 day warranty I’m assuming its from Datablitz?

    This is really a big problem when buying peripherals in Datablitz. It can be a gamble at times, 7 days is not enough to really see if you have a defect or not. At least a month is needed to really see if there are issues.

  18. Sarah tancledie

    $70USD for3200dpi

  19. JiggyBiggy

    Sold na ba to? Kapag hndi pa buy ko na. text me 09169007272

  20. Quash (Post author)

    @JiggyBiggy What? Were not selling anything. This is a review. If you do want to get one, like I said above, you can get one at Datablitz for only P495.

  21. bobby

    is the mouse still working well for you? i want to buy it but seeing that its only 495 pesos makes me think twice..

  22. bobby

    oh and is it compatible with windows 8?

  23. Quash (Post author)

    @bobby For me, the mouse is still working well after 7 months, but I noticed something. The wheel at the middle is actually made out of metal, so I actually see rust developing, which is a big negative since most wheel scrolls are plastic to avoid it.

    With regards to it being compatible with Win8, I can’t say yet since I’m currently working with a win7.

  24. Big Red

    I purchased this mouse after reading your review, bought one around early September, and gave it a thorough gaming experience….served me well up until today when suddenly it wont function anymore dunno why. but it definitely was worth to risk 495 php at least now i can get a new one.

  25. Quash (Post author)

    @Big Red Sorry to hear that Big Red. Maybe you can return it? I’m sure it hasn’t been a week.

  26. vermillion

    I bought it also. Problem is since I have sweaty hands, it accumulated dirt. And I just noticed, “Where are the screw holes?!” @_@

  27. Jerome

    I also have DWdragunov mouse and DW Desert keyboard received as a gift request.
    mouse PHP495 keyboard PHP495.

    Both works good for my gaming. No issue for about a month.

    I bought the DW mousepad for PHP 195much better than the bundled mousepad.

    Next Target ko ung Headset PHP 1500+ at Speakers PHP1200+ ng DragonWar eh. Cnu nakabili na ng ganun??

    Works with windows 8.

  28. xShinsenGumi

    Kabibili ko lang kahapon ng Dragunov. πŸ˜€ Sulit sya for Beginners like me. tnx sa info na ito astig

  29. Carlos Hernandez (Post author)

    @xShinsenGumi No prob!

  30. sHizzLe

    Read all your comments and sorry to hear that yours did not work properly. But for me, it’s perfectly working. I can’t remember when did I bought it at DataBlitz Baguio, but since at the moment it’s still working. I use it every now and then when there’s a tournament or just playing at home.

  31. sHizzLe

    Oh I forgot, I play FPS. πŸ˜€@sHizzLe

  32. sHizzLe

    Anyone tried the DRAGON WAR G-HS-001 GARAND GAMING HEADSET? What can you say about this headset?

  33. gamer D3

    Hi, i also purchased this mouse just today. Is the left click button really a little bit hard to click? and sometimes stucks?

  34. sHizzLe

    For my experience, yes. It’s a little bit hard to click on but not gonna stuck. @gamer D3

  35. Carlos Hernandez (Post author)

    @gamer D3 In my experience the left click is fine. My only problem with the Dragunov is that the mouse wheel is metal, which is starting to develop rust. No idea why they went with metal for the wheel, but it definitely needs to be maintained.

  36. Digest

    Is there an online store that sells Elephant gaming mouse? TIA :)

  37. A-Z is painful

    lol, im dragunov user too
    its more than a year and dragunov still in it best shape and got no problem at all
    i play DOTA 2 for most of my time and some mousebreaker like DMC and Darksiders.
    this dragunov is really worth to get
    i purchase it for around USD15 or IDR 150


    Just bought my Dragunov today thanks for your review and recommendation so happy for it!


  39. Carlos Hernandez (Post author)

    @JDESIGNZ No problem!

  40. hohoho

    can i order it online?

  41. Carlos Hernandez (Post author)

    @hohoho Sorry Hohoho, not sure if you can order it online.

  42. Ed

    Hi, I just wanted to share my experience with the leviathan. Sept. last year ko nabili at around December may issue na sya. For those using windows 7, tutunog yung plug/unplug notification ng usb then over a span of seconds disconnected sya then connected ulit. It sucks when you’re playing an MMO. Not sure if board ko may problem or whatsoever, pero sa lahat ng usb devices na nakasaksak, sya lang nagkakaganun so most likely its the mouse :(

  43. jay z

    i have a problem here!! i bought this dragonov a while ago.. the problem was the poiter wont move but the keys are working and dpi button as well.. and i have already DL the link on the box.?? any idea guys?? do i have 2 set up 4 someting or it is broken??

  44. Carlos Hernandez (Post author)

    @jay z Does the mouse light up at the bottom? If no then there’s a problem with your mouse. It’s usually plug and use, no manual installation needed. I suggest you send it back immediately to sort it out and make use of any warranty you might have.

  45. ecnirp

    my dragunov still works till now…

  46. vermillion

    anyone disassembled a dragunov mouse before? I want to clean the insides but can’t find any screwholes

  47. sHizzLe

    try to take off the 5 sliders. maybe it’s in there. πŸ˜€ @vermillion

  48. sachiel

    I also bought Dragunov 2 weeks ago and so far it’s still good. I was choosing between this and Leviathan, which is better? I bought Dragunov because it’s bigger but I want to know if the Leviathan feels better to the hands.

    1. Miguel Mendoza

      I remember someone saying that the Leviathan is built more for MMOs because of the placement of the buttons. I’m not entirely sure though. I’m not familiar with the aerodynamics of gaming mice XD

  49. Jheramir Ramirez

    Meron po ba nito sa Metro Manila ??? ASAP

    1. sHizzLe

      meron yan. tanong mo sa Data Blitz.

  50. V-man

    I have the same mouse for about 6 months now. Absolutely no problems, love the 3200 option – it simply flies. Highly recommended, but don’t buy it from the Philippines – software products delivered to the PH ( except macs ) are the ones that factories throw away – that’s why they have such low warranties, time-wise.

  51. franc

    just bought this mouse like a month ago. when i first plugged it in my rig the mouse buttons where functional, but the tracking laser was not :( laser was not lighting or weak. but suddenly it functioned normally. then after 2 weeks, it had the same problem again the pointer wont move but the buttons were functional. i moderately use this mouse for moderate FPS gaming (black ops 2) and moderate pc day-to-day use. is it natural for this mouse to have these symptoms? or am i having a defective unit? :( i bought this at data blitz in green belt manila.

  52. Pimp Daddy

    For a gaming mouse this cheap, you should take good care of it, extra if you will. Underneath the matte design, the cool braided cords, the awesome feeling of its ergonomic design, you have a gaming mouse with such fragile composition.

    I have once owned a Leviathan. Like the others, the price tag, the design, the looks, the packaging and extras, I admit this mouse is great. Though it may be a short conclusion. I must say the Dragonwar series leaned a lot on the aesthetics and lowered priced range (budget gamer market) that the quality and functionality suffered a lot.

    Don’t take this wrong. For 500 Php, you’ll get an awesome peripheral, better gaming experience, and maybe even the awe and envy of some of your friends, so long as you take good care and know the limits of this device.

    Peace out.

  53. Roger

    is there anyone willing to contact me or i will contact you to buy a Elephant Astra gaming mouse for me in the Data Blitz store, coz im in the Province only.. and i cant go to Manila just to buy the Awesome gaming muse.. please Leave your number here or text/contact me here’s my number 09061920910 or sent a message in my facebook, predger_06@yahoo.com and lets discuss it. i saw an advertisement on the sulit.com.ph selling DragonWar Dragonuv for 650, shipping fee is not on the price yet. please if someone want or willing.. i will appreciate. again lets discuss it first. thank you very much :)

  54. Vortex

    hey i just bought the exact thing you have but mine is color green and is called leviathan not dragunov.. dragon war leviathan gaming mouse but after 2 months it isnt working.. i don’t know well i’m just asking since this post is like almost a year.. is your dragunov still working perfectly??

    1. memnoch

      bought mine last 2013 and still working fine… diablo 3 mega clicking πŸ˜€

  55. gavino

    i bought a thor g9 dragonwar mouse in glorrieta 5 i think data blitz 3 floor the one facing the atrium mine had 3 months warranty on it

  56. Brel

    I’ve been using this mouse for about 3 years and it gave up just about a month ago. The left-mouse button became defective and it suddenly double-clicks from time-to-time. One of the best thing I like about this 6-button gaming mouse aside from it’s price is it is quite lightweight at about 76g. I think only the popular Steelseries Kana V2 priced at more than PhP 2K comes close to it’s weight.


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