Monthly Archives: May 2012

Dark Souls DLC

It was announced a month ago that Dark Souls will be heading to the PC with added content. Titled the “Prepare to Die” edition, the new content includes new equipment, new locations, and best of all, new bosses to kill you over and over again. Now when this was revealed, people wondered if console players would get the same treatment but in a form of DLC. Well they made it official, the content will come, but sometime around winter. (more…)

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is one of those games that I just hope it succeeds. The reveal of the game in last year’s E3 was epic. I played the last Far Cry and lost interest mid-way through the game. Hopefully this won’t be the case for the third installment because the character Vaas(The crazy guy) is just a great character and will come out as a waste. With E3 only a week away, Ubisoft released a teaser trailer to get you all excited for Far cry 3 during their conference. (more…)

PSN Sale

The PSN Store is have an Ultimate Deals sale, bundling 9 games together with all their DLC’s at discounted prices. Non-PS Plus members get a 30% off discount while PS Plus members get a 50% off. Quite a steal – Games such as L.A Noire, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Mortal Kombat have a lot of DLC content worth owning. (more…)

Diablo 3 in Inferno

It’s the last week of May. A couple of great titles were released this month, but I’m still invested in one particular game that had the most attention this month. Are you in the same boat as me or did you guys have a completely different weekend? If you did then good for you. So go ahead, tell us what you’ve been playing this weekend. (more…)

The Tomb Raider reboot may have been  pushed back to 2013, but Square Enix is definitely going to showcase the game in E3 next month. Game Trailers, just like last year, will be  having a pre-E3 show blasting us tons of E3 exclusives to get us all hyped for this year’s E3, and to start things off they have a Tomb Raider trailer to reveal next thursday(May 31) with actual gameplay. To get us all excited, they released a 30 second tease showing what to expect in the full trailer. (more…)