Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Walking Dead Game

Last week for April. There will be some big titles to get excited about again next month. To name a few – We got Max Payne 3, Dragon’s Dogma, and of course the overly hyped Diablo 3.It’s the weekend once again and you know the question we just love to ask – What are you playing? (more…)

Reset puzzle game

A new game is in the works on an unknown studio called Theory Interactive. What’s the game? It’s called Reset, a First Person Shooter Puzzler that gives you the ability to use time travel in order to solve the game’s puzzles. Color me excited. After watching the trailer it instantly reminded me of Portal. Which is good since we do need more amazing games just like that. Below is the debut trailer of Reset and is all generated from the in-game engine, pretty impressive. (more…)

Diablo 3 Beta

Last weekend we were given a treat by Blizzard. From April 20 – 22, Diablo 3’s beta was open to the public. I of course did not hesitate and started downloading the client. When I finished downloading, I already knew what my plans were for the weekend. Does Diablo 3 deserve all the hype it’s getting? Well let’s just say after playing the Beta for one whole day, the wait for its release just got a lot harder. Here’s what I thought of Blizzards crazy popular RPG lootfest. (more…)