Recent Buys: Episode 3 – The n00bt00b Cross Over

dem thighs

What’s up guys, sorry I haven’t been posting as much, been sick all week. To the point that I haven’t gotten any real game time down (Only 6 minutes of GTA4? C’mon!). But before all this bad juju happened to my body I was able to pick up a copy of Street Fighter x Tekken on day 1 of it’s release, this was also my first ever day 1 game purchase.

Street Fighter x Tekken is a fantastic game and I am loving every second of it so far. I find the Tekken characters more fun to use since they don’t feel like Street Fighter characters nor do they feel like their original Tekken counterparts. My favorites so far are Asuka, King and Marduke.

I’ve also started a new series that I’m trying out called “The n00bt00b“. What happens is when ever I get a hold of a game or try out one of the game modes, features, characters, vehicles, and the like that I have had no proper exposure to prior to the recording of the video. I will capture footage of it and clip together what I think are the highlights and mash them together. Street Fighter x Tekken was the first victim and my cousin was able to join me on my n00by adventure into this brand new fighting game from Capcom.

I’ve made The n00bt00b a playlist on our youtube channel so it’ll be easy to find. Here is the “first episode”.


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