Monthly Archives: March 2012


If you’re looking for a downloadable game similar to games like Gradius or Type- R, Sine Mora is the game for you. Metacritics show that this Xbox Live arcade game is doing well with the critics. Of course it will do well, when’s was the last time you’ve seen a game like this? It’s good to see that some game developers keep games like this alive. (more…)

Bioshock Infinite

Irrational Games released this Heavy Hitters introduction video series, and just revealed the final video. This video series gives us a detailed look at the Heavy Hitters you’ll be facing in Bioshock infinite. If you thought the Big Daddy and Big Sister’s were bad, you should check out what they have in store for us. (more…)

Heavy Rain

WARNING SPOILER ALERT! – Before anything else, this glitch happens during the end of Heavy Rain. So you’ve been warned.

The last part of Heavy Rain is indeed an intense moment, but this glitch changes the tone completely. If you think pressing X for Jason was hilarious, this tops that hands down. (more…)