iCore Arcade Stick for PlayStation 3

stick 1

With my fighting game craze still burning and a few CrossCounterTV videos later, I got the arcade stick hype. After a rigorous journey through the land of wonder and sorrow (ie Greenhills, wonder = all the stuff they have available, sorrow = how empty your wallet is after) I think I got one that suits my needs.

I present to you the iCore Arcade Stick for the PlayStation 3. This little bad boy has almost all the things I was looking for in an arcade stick. A price that won’t screw me over, a nice clicky stick with responsive buttons, enough spacing between the stick and buttons while leaving enough hand room plus blocky and weighty design.

stick 5

I got this over at Game Xtreme for 1200php which is a decent price over the wallet-rape expensive MadCatz and Hori sticks. It’s got all the basics, a cherry top stick, convex buttons and non-slip rubber feet which works like a damn charm if I may add. This is a wired controller but what can you expect from an arcade stick that’s under 2000php. The USB cable itself is quite lengthy so I don’t think you’d have too many problems distancing yourself from the console and a wired controller means no batteries required.

stick 8

“Long ass cable”

But that’s not all. Yes, I got two.


dual sticks 1

I believe in fairness. Coming from pad, I find that playing games on an arcade stick, especially faster paced ones, is a little awkward and if I’m going to be awkward then so will you.

What better way to test these puppies out than with a violent afternoon of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.


  1. kevin

    is this arcade stick okay? i mean do they feel like the one on the arcade places?

  2. Quash

    I’ve tried that arcade stick and it will do for the price given. Does it feel like the ones in the arcades? I don’t see much of a difference really.@kevin

  3. kevin

    so they are like the same? i really want to buy this arcade stick #1 reason is that they don’t suck all your moneys inside your wallets and 2nd is that i don’t really need to buy those expensive what they called “hori sticks”. by the way can i customize the buttons like replacing it with sanwa buttons?

  4. Migoy (Post author)

    I don’t speak from personal experience but from what I gather, hori and madcatz are still the ways to go in terms of quality and precision but those prices are just outrageous. I do get misinputs with these sticks but for what I paid I don’t mind.

    As for modding, I read that the shapes of these buttons are different so other buttons might not fit perfectly.

    Checkout this thread, it will probably help you a lot more than I can.


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