Monthly Archives: January 2012

Batman: Arkham City


The sequel to what I think is the best game based on a comic book character is finally out. Arkham Asylum was a perfect take on the caped crusader, and its sequel brings back the core gameplay mechanics that we all loved in the first game, except now the action takes place in a more stunning sandbox-type environment. While it’s awesome just playing the way you’d expect to play Batman (taking on 15 guys at once, hiding in the shadows), it gets even better when you have a whole city at your disposal. Playing as a superhero has this never felt this good. Is it really as great of a game as people are saying it is? Definitely. (more…)

From Pinoy2DFighters

Growing up, I missed out on the arcade gaming scene and spent most of my gaming with home consoles so I am more accustomed with game pads over arcade sticks. But after seeing a few videos of fighting game pros going all out and almost all of them having their own arcade stick, I got curious as to how much of a difference it can be to control your movements in a video game when using an arcade stick over a game pad. (more…)

Soulcalibur V isn’t even out yet but Namco Bandai wants to give you the heads up on the DLC packs for the game.  It’s nothing like an extra character or anything, just more items to customize your characters with like bikinis, wings, kimono, the usual DLC we love/hate. (more…)

Mass Effect 3

Bioware has finally decided to reveal the Multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3. The Special Forces trailer teases the multiplayer side by showing the types of races you can pick. It’s said to be compared as the Horde mode of Gears of War were you and three other players try to hold off waves after waves of enemies going at you in all directions. I didn’t like the idea at first having multiplayer in Mass Effect, but seeing it now, I can’t wait to shoot some reapers with a buddy or two. (more…)