Monthly Archives: August 2011

Super Portal Bros?

Apparently the chubby, mushroom addicted, plumber will be getting Valve’s famous Portal Gun. This isn’t just a mod of Super Mario Bros. but is an actual game that is developed. I remember seeing a flash movie of Mario with a Portal Gun by Dorkly and I’m surprised (and glad) that someone is turning that concept into a real game. (more…)

Publisher: Atari / Bandai
Developer: Dimps
Platform: Sony PlayStation Portable
Release: 03/07/2006

When Sony first announced the original PSP, I promised myself that I would own one. But as with every major purchase, you’d need a large driving factor to keep you motivated. After watching my friend play a full 3D Metal Gear Solid game without a power cable attached or a TV to view it on, I saw the beauty of the PSP. (more…)