Monthly Archives: May 2011

Portal 2 is one of those rare games that every kind of gamer should experience. It’s not every day where you find yourself immensely entertained by just puzzles and funny dialogue. If you ask me, this type of hybrid puzzler is pretty much the hardest game to pull off in the framework of an FPS, but Valve took everything that made the first game great to the next level, making Portal 2 one of the most polished games you will ever play. Ready to test once again for science? (more…)

A 45 second trailer just hit YouTube, it makes you wonder how hard it is to hide such info in a big company like Blizzard. Maybe they do it on purpose? we will never know, but at least its out there for us to enjoy. The teaser trailer looks complete in detail so go ahead and get pumped for the expansion of one of the best Real Time Strategy game out there. (more…)

It’s Memorial Day weekend for some of you out there in North America so that means a long weekend and that also means more uninterrupted game hours. As for everyone else, I’m sure you’ll squeeze as much game time as possible in these two very short days. So, what are you playing? (more…)

I looked up fatality compilations of various characters from Mortal Kombat. As I came across a video showing off all of Liu Kang’s fatalities from the first MK game up until the latest, I saw quite a few that I have never seen before. They were gruesome, nicely animated and over the top compared to most Mortal Kombat titles. (more…)