It’s Holy Week! The crew didn’t go anywhere and enjoyed the idea of doing nothing for a couple of days. Carlos re-attempts Legend of Grimrock, Migoy talks about Ninja Gaiden and the difficulty of games today, and Will explore South Park in the Stick of Truth. During the second half, we had an interesting discussion – Fanboys being in love with their choice of console. Oh that console war…. (more…)

timed trials ep6 Prototype

It’s been a while since the last episode but here’s a new one for you guys. The open world almost Spider-man: Web of Shadows symbiote themed in terms of story. It’s Prototype from Activision. I found this game pretty fun and I’m actually looking for a copy of this game now because of this timed trial. (more…)

Looking for a great game for the ongoing long holy weekend? Sony goes generous and announces a Flash Sale pricing 30 titles for only $0.99. These titles go span from PS3 titles, PS Vita, and even PS1 greats. A pretty amazing list of great and classic games if you ask us.  Crash Bandocoot 1-3 plus team racing, Braid, Tokyo Jungle, Super Stardust are complete steals. Check the full list below. (more…)


This episode we focus mainly on one big presentation – The latest Nintendo Direct. Smash Brothers for the 3DS and Wii U was the highlight for Nintendo’s presentation and provided a lot of interesting announcements, so we broke the news down and discuss how this game is crucial for the Wii U’s success this year. Carlos expresses his frustrations in FTL: Advanced Edition, Miggy witness the sort of epic conclusion of the Tomb Raider reboot, and Will goes on a trip with Euro Truck Simulator 2.



It took awhile, but Strider was brought back to the spotlight thanks to studio Double Helix (Killer Instinct) and oh, did they do a great job at staying true to the original content. A fast-paced download only game that keeps you hooked with non-stop action and level design that we think should be used more often in future platformers. Flailing a sword around at blazing speeds never felt this satisfying. (more…)