TMG Podcast Episode 93 – Black Ops 3, Sept Releases, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Ouye

The Ber months of 2015 is upon us. Carlos gives Call of Duty 2015’s multiplayer last weekend, Will explores the cyberpunk work of Shadowrun, and Miggy is hard at work with our latest video series – Painfully Free. We get…
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TMG Podcast Episode 92 – Razer Store hits the Philippines, Xbox One and Phil, D23 Expo

  The rant in this week’s episode was strong for some reason. Razer opens up an official store in the Philippines, D23 Expo happened last week, Will has a hilarious experience with Sony store personnel, and games like Hearthstone can…
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TMG Podcast Episode 91 – Gamescom 2015, Rising Thunder, Mighty Number 9

Gamescom 2015 happened last week and there’s a lot to mention, especially with Microsoft having a big presence this year. Will has finished Alien: Isolation and gives his final thoughts, Carlos kills a lot of Uruks, and Miggy is still…
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Eps 90- Cover

TMG Podcast Episode 90 – Clash of Clans, Windows 10, Mafia 3, Manila Cup 2015

The road to 100 has begun! The crew gather yet again for our 90th episode and we still can’t believe we’ve reached this point. Carlos plays the highest grossing game app to date for “research”, Will checks out Windows 10,…
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